Dr. Leila Sadien


Dr Leila Sadien is the principal doctor and director of Renascent Health. She is an integrative medical doctor and medical intuitive and practices aesthetic medicine as part of her holistic offering.

Dr. Sadien is the Vice Chair of the South African Society for Integrative Medicine; SASIM, and the Chair for the 2018 Southern African Congress of Integrative Medicine; SACIM.


  • Rustenberg High School for Girls
  • MBChB at University of Cape Town
  • Reiki at Sartori School of Reiki
  • Homeopathy with Dr David Lilly
  • Integrative Medicine at Stellenbosch University
  • Integrative Medicine and advanced Integrative Medicine with Dr Bernard Brom
  • Aesthetics with Continued Medical Aesthetic Training Institute
  • Business Integration and Alchemy with Chantel Oppelt Institute for Applied Alchemy
  • Energy anatomy, psychic surgery and medical intuition with Chantel Oppelt Institute for Applied Alchemy


I would like to personally welcome you to Renascent Health. It is likely that you have been suffering in some way and found that conventional treatment has fallen short of your expectations. It is that suffering that has brought you here and for that I am grateful. Not grateful for your pain, but rather for the presented opportunity to experience true healing, instead of the traditional simple silencing of your symptoms.

My own journey has been one of wonder and of extreme pain. I have always had an affinity for healing and for energy medicine.  At 19 years old I was diagnosed with a disease called Cluster Headache, also known as Suicide Headaches or Cluster Attacks. I have come to know it as the most physically painful affliction known to man. It was this headache that forced me to find my own relief outside of traditional medicine and while doing this, begin to question the shortcomings within the western scientific medicine model I was studying.

This became amplified when I began work as a medical intern in some of South Africa’s most notorious hospitals including Baragwanath and Coronation Hospitals. Amidst all of the suffering and dying patients, I had an acute sense that medicine was failing in its attempt to provide healing and that without addressing the fundamental evils that were ailing these patients, medicine could not cope with the avalanche of a physically sick society.

In my years as a private practice GP it became clear that my middle class patients were in fact suffering from the fundamentally same evils as what I saw in the hospitals: poor nutrition, stress, toxicity, spiritual disconnect, acidity etc. This is where my love affair for Functional Medicine began. It taught us how to assess and address patients at these core dysfunctions and by treating them here, unlock their innate ability to heal themselves and prevent further illness downstream.

As I learn more and more about this art and as my integrative practice grows, I understand that I am much more of a teacher than a doctor, though the origin of the word ‘doctor’ is in fact ‘teacher’, so perhaps this is what we were meant to be after all. My patients are guided toward health as opposed to being dragged there, which means that their participation is far more important than the drugs I give them. I have developed a deep respect for my patient’s suffering as I am aware that it provides opportunity for me to heal my own each time, so with every patient who arrives to be healed, they also arrive to bring healing. Because of this, my practice has become my haven.

I invite you to come into this sacred space and experience a unique concept of medical care. One which I am sure will lay the foundations for the medicine of the future.

My deepest respect and thanks

Dr Leila Sadien

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