Our ambassadors represent the Renascent Health brand and are dynamic, health conscious pioneers.


Aqeelah Harron-Ally is a fashion, beauty and travel blogger who shares her musings with her digital audience, which collectively spans over 50 000 followers. Her number one priority in her line of work is to uphold the trust in the relationship with those who follow her work, in the form of honest and informative reviews, as well as creative content made to inform and inspire.

My relationship with Dr Leila spans well over a decade. From the day we met, I was instantly drawn to her warm, empathetic and vibrant nature. I have made the mistake of going to regular doctors who failed to treat my ailments, only to come to Renascent Health to fix the further damage those doctors had caused – and I always left there better than before! Since experiencing Dr Leila’s approach and efficiency, I stand by her use of integrated wellness and her passion behind finding the root causes of one’s ailments, as opposed to treating surface level symptoms. In general, a visit to Renascent Health is an experience. I’ve never come across any other health practitioners who infuse modern medicine with homeopathy, aesthetics and technology (everyone has to try the Time Waver!). It has all the perfect balance of future and past, in all the right areas!


Carishma Basday is a professional actress, dancer and model, starring in her first leading role as the love interest of famed comedian Riaad Moosa in Material directed by the award winning Craig Freimond. She has been featured in numerous magazines such as the Marie Claire Naked Campagin issue and voted the 19th sexiest women in the world in 2012. Being a child of this universe and a spiritual being Carishma decided to do a 200 hour yoga teacher training in India and since has taught yoga, inspiring and enlightening as many souls as she can on her path. Carishma also has a deep love for animals and nature and works closely with charitable organizations like WWF and DARG.

It was by chance that I discovered Renascent Health but from the moment I walked into the door I knew I had stumbled upon a very special place. I absolutely adore Leila’s approach to medicine, I felt like I had finally found a doctor who was on the same wavelength to me. Finding a doctor who took her time asking questions to try and find the root of the problem and who also never shied away from my questions filled my soul with so much joy and peace. I have had the best experiences at Renascent Health, the entire team is incredible and they have not only guided me on journeys to recovery but also journeys of self discovery.
Through my personal health and wellness journey I have discovered and fallen in love with integrative medicine. I believe it is the best way forward regarding overall wellbeing, however most people are still unaware or unsure about integrative medicine and thus shy away from it, the more we can create exposure and most importantly understanding around integrative medicine the better.


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