Renascent King Expo 2015

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One week to go and we are all systems go for our innovative new men’s expo. We’ve been part of so many special events for women only, we were beginning to feel like our men were purposefully being left out. So this one’s for the boys! (although ladies, we have a little something you may be interested in too!)

From our snazzy venue at Auto Atlantic, to the super trendy but also delicious snacks from Nuri Sushi, every detail has been thought out, keeping the boys in mind. We have lovingly selected each speaker to be both relevant and appealing to a male audience, ensuring that their demonstrations and topics are sharp and to the point (because we all know that men have other important things to get to!) Topics are focussed around the trending topic of male wellness, addressing men’s health issues; like diet, hormones and vitamin supplementation, men’s fitness; including special prices on our favourite medical sport’s drinks, aesthetics and skin care, men’s fashion and styling tips and so much more.

Complimentary sushi, snacks, coke products and welcome drinks are available “ all healthy and non-alcoholic of course! “ but there will be fresh Mister Barista coffee for sale, for those who need a caffeine boost to keep them going, and also freshly juiced juices for those after our own heart!

Our MC, Miedie Sadien is not only Dr Leila’s Dad, but also the epitome of the Renascent man! He is a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur and his company Winterborn, is part owner of Renascent Health.

To whet your appetite, we have written up a summary of the programme events for the evening. We guarantee that you will leave a changed man, and if not ladies, at least they’ll have the tools to do it later J


Renascent Health – Dr Leila

Bio-identical hormones

Testosterone supplementation is taking off in the world like wildfire, but do you know the dangers of using synthetic hormones? Dr Leila will discuss this safe, yet highly effective alternative for male menopause, low testosterone and hormonal imbalance.

Integrative Stress Management

Stress is one of the leading causes of almost every chronic disease today, and yet mostly ignored by western medicine. Dr Leila will explain what stress really is and explain how her practice treats it integratively.

Vitamin Detox Drips

The latest craze in tinsel town has finally hit South Africa, and for once it carries our integrative stamp of approval! Dr Leila will help us understand exactly what these drips are and what they can do for your body! 2 attendees stand to win an awesome prize of 1 Detox drip, worth R1200 each.

Beauty Boutique – Natalie Magerman

Image therapy

Natalie, our resident image consultant and beauty therapist explains why your image is so important and what you can do to make the most of it! She also explains how she uses her training in psychology to profile each client, helping them make style choices that best suite their personality. Natalie will be offering a special prize of a free image consult to a lucky attendee.

Kader – Yaseen Kader

Male Styling

Kader will be sharing the latest hair trends and styling tips for men, using a few items from his edgy new range, No Label. Yaseen is a South African hair stylist and clothing designer, who uses only the best proudly South African fabrics, to create these superbly unique items. Kader is offering each attendee 20% off any treatment at his hair salon and sponsoring a super prize of 2 free haircuts valued at R500

UF fashion “ The Nordien brothers

Fashion show

This highly dynamic UF team will be presenting our opening fashion show, showcasing their super hot men’s range. Urban Fluid’s clothes are adventurous, luxurious and echo their philosophy of œstanding out from the crowd. UF fashion will be selling their clothes at a discount rate and taking orders at the event, so bring your credit card!

IS Clinical – Dourina

Men’s skin care range

Dourina is from Innovative Skincare, one of the leading Skincare ranges in the world. She will be presenting their male range and discuss the importance of skincare for men. She will also demo a Fire and Ice skin peel during the break. Renascent will be offering all attendees 20% off any IS clinical purchases made on the night, and Innovative Skincare is sponsoring a prize of a much coveted Fire and Ice peel.

Xymogen “ Frances

Male Hormone Imbalance

Frances will shed some light on the common problem of testosterone deficiency and hormonal imbalance in men. Xymogen is one of the leaders in functional medicine supplements and Renascent will have all their products available at a discount of 20% off on the night.

Renascent Health “ Dr Jayvvant Bhagatjee

Male Health and Eastern Medicine

Dr Jayvvant is a Unanni Tibb doctor, which is the practice of using pulse diagnosis to treat patients holistically, using nutrition and herbal medicine. He will be discussing the benefit of holistic health care in men as well as diagnosing attendees pulses during the break. Dr Jay will be offering a prize of a full consultation and cupping session at his rooms.

Eagleton Gym – Johnny Eagleton

Nutrition and Exercise

Johnny is an experienced personal trainer and fitness guru who runs his own gym in the CBD. He is also a certified Precision Nutrition coach. His focus is on teaching people to move better, be stronger, improve their posture, strengthen their core and set and achieve their goals. Johnny is kindly offering a prize of a full nutrition assessment and personal training session at his gym.

My DNA Health – Daniel

Genetic testing for optimal health

Daniel is speaking on behalf of my DNA health, where he will be discussing the role of DNA testing in transforming health, wellness and weight-loss potential. He will be taking orders for DNA tests at the break.

Galderma – Belinda


Belinda will be discussing this revolutionary anti-aging and age prevention skin treatment, with specific reference to its benefit for men. Skinboosters are wonderful for treating pitted scars, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles and for overall anti-aging. Galderma is also generously offering an unbelievable prize of R5000 worth of Skinbooster treatments.

RSVP to or call us on 0218242170 to reserve your ticket. Hurry, tickets are limited

Part of proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Earth Child Project in Cape Town  

The Earthchild Project is a Non-Profit Organisation operating in the Western Cape. They offer free education to under-resourced schools with a focus on the environment, health and self-development, their mission is to create meaningful and sustainable change by providing practical skills in how to live a holistic, balanced lifestyle with a focus on self-awareness, health and the environment. Earthchild Project aims to nurture and develop a new generation of conscious, confident and responsible earth children.

Find out more at

Now isn’t that a mission worth supporting? We thought so too!

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