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We couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to feature on our February cover than Dr Leila Sadien and being our Valentine issue we were delighted to have her partner, the talented designer Yaaseen Kader featured with her. Dr Leila is a remarkable woman, not only has she qualified as a medical doctor but she has an integrated approach to healing that incorporates all aspects of body, mind and soul. She’s also not a sissy when it comes to aesthetic medicine, something she speaks about with passion and ease. When I asked Leila what attracted her to healing and medicine as a career she answered, “It was in my bones, I’m a healer by nature and couldn’t have escaped if I tried.”

We ask Dr Leila about trends, living life well and what makes her practice so successful.

What are some of the trends you have noticed coming from your practice?
People these days seem a lot more aware of diet and food intolerances. Many of my patients know that diet plays a huge role in their wellbeing and are gravitating towards eating a healthier diet. It’s surprising the amount of people who have chosen a ‘free from’ diet. Whether it’s wheat, gluten, sugar, dairy or additives, people are much more selective about what they eat. Luckily more of these foods are available which makes it easier.
Another trend is a move away from chemical medicine and towards more natural solutions. Having trained in various complementary disciplines I am able to offer my patients natural treatment methods like homeopathy and a range of integrative medical practices like dry needling, vitamin drips and biopuncture.

What is a key element in your philosophy towards healing?
“My interest lies in offering healing to patients holistically and with integrity. Helping the patient find meaning in their suffering and pain is a core focus in my practice and I believe that simply treating symptoms is not only short sighted but can also be dangerous. I strongly believe that we all have the ability to cure ourselves, and my passion lies simply in being a facilitator in this process.”

With the numerous different disciplines you have studied, which is the one you find most helpful or that stands out the most?
Interestingly, I find myself using the principles of Reiki in every healing session. I also use it in my daily life. In terms of healing mechanisms I love the tools that Chinese medicine offers for understanding the body.

Do you have a healing icon or mentor you draw inspiration from?
I have to say that it’s women in general. Traditionally women have played such a big role in healing practices. My inspiration definitely comes from strong women.

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