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Renascent Health is at the cutting edge of Integrative Medicine in Southern Africa, and it is our intention to share a large portion of Dr. Leila and her affiliates’ wealth of knowledge and insights with you. Interviews on national broadcast stations and social media channels, radio shows and podcasts, prominent health conscious publications and brands, as well as articles prepared by our very own integrative practitioners, all can be accessed here via our media portal.

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Put Your Back into It

[Source:] Guest: Dr Leila Sadien Integrative Medical Doctor, Medical Intuitive and practises aesthetic medicine.

Integrative medicine conference in SA pioneers alternative ways to heal

[Source:] The second-ever SA Congress of Integrative Medicine will be taking place in Cape Town on 17 – 18 November. The second-ever SA Congress of Integrative Medicine will be taking place in Cape Town on 17 – 18 November. Many patients, as well as doctors and those offering medical treatment, are looking for new […]

How to Get the Best out of Vitamins and Supplements

[Source:] A holistic medical doctor says that, when used correctly, supplements have the power to increase your energy and boost your mood. Dr Leila Sadien says consumers should opt for vitamins sold at health stores over those sold in pharmacies. This is, she says, because pharmaceutical companies make synthetic versions. A natural health store […]

SACIM 2018

Finally done! Check this out.

SABC3 Mela: Dr Leila Sadien’s Winter Tips and Treatments

@melasabc recently aired our Integrative medicine and aesthetics winter special … we touched on Hyalual, vitamin drips, detox and ozone therapy! #winterwellness #winter #integrativemedicine #aestheticmedicine #renascenthealth #thesecretspa #franschoek 

How to Beat the Effects of Stress

Prolonged stress can wreak havoc on our health. Dr Leila Sadien joins us to talk about the impact of stress on the human body and how we can tackle the effects of it with an integrated approach.


The theme for this year’s South African Congress of Integrated Medicine is “Pioneering the Future of Healthcare.” We are excited to engage with some of the cutting edge innovations in IM and new clinical pearls to take home to practice. Watch the following videos on integrative medicine which feature leading IM practitioners: Register now for […]

SACIM Resources

It is an exciting time for integrative medicine, as we emerge from a rough initiatory few years into a time of exponential expansion, which is pioneering growth, innovation and adaption in healthcare globally. The South African Congress of Integrated Medicine resource page on Integrative Medicine is incredibly well researched, and covers an array of topics: ‘What is […]

SACIM Network Material

HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT SACIM 2018 We invite you to use the promotional materials available on the SACIM website HERE to promote SACIM 2018 within your network, social media platforms, lectures and meetings. Invite your peers to join you in Somerset West for the 2nd Southern African Congress of Intergrative Medicine. Register now for the SACIM 2018 […]

Thyroid Health: All Woman TV Interview

Dr Leila Sadien, an integrative medical doctor and healer who also practices aesthetic medicine, joins Fiona Furey to talk about the thyroid gland, and how it affects our overall wellbeing. This is a must watch for anyone with thyroid problems (or unexpected weight gain) I have struggled with an under active thyroid for 30 years, […]

The Ultimate Diet For Men: What Should You Be Eating?

What should men be eating? This is a great question and one that often causes confusion. Between banting, carbo-loading, calorie-counting and plain old meat and potatoes, it’s hard for guys to navigate the domain of diets. Longevity asked experts about the latest dietary research. 1. Fathoming Fats For 50 years, we were told fats are […]

Your Thyroid: How Much Do You Really Know About It?

The thyroid regulates the speed and function of your body. Every cell has receptors for thyroidal hormones. They affect our brain chemistry, digestion, heart, reproductive health, fat metabolism, energy levels and our ability to cope with stress. If this gland is under strain, you may experience many possible symptoms, including weight gain, hair loss and […]

Hormone Health: How It Affects Your Life

Today we know that hormone health is the foundation of vitality. Whether you need to balance weight, blood pressure, sleep, moods, reproductive issues, libido or your ability to deal with stress, hormones are at the core. “Many people believe that hormone dysfunction is experienced purely as menopause or erectile dysfunction; the truth is that sex hormones […]

Alternative Healing Interview

Dr. Leila Sadien, founder and director of Renascent Health, grew up in Cape Town and studied medicine at UCT. After completing her community service at Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto she came home to work as an ER doctor at Vincent Palotti and GP at Medicross Pinelands, while constantly exploring her passion for alternative medicine and […]

A-Z of Winter Skin

It’s winter time and, believe it or not, your skin needs just as much care, if not more, as during the summer. Dr Leila Sadien offers comprehensive advice on how to keep your skin glowing and healthy throughout the chilly months ahead. Think of your skin as a coat that protects you from head to […]

Southern Hijaabian

First Lady Affair | By Laaiqah Isaacs A lovely First Lady Affair write-up by Laaiqah Isaacs on her blog “Southern Hijaabian”. Dr. Leila was among the awe inspiring female speakers called in to motivate and inspire this beautiful eclectic mix of powerful women. We then had an uplifting epiphany with Dr. Leila Sadien and her love […]

Thread-lifting, the alternative face-lift

(Original post can be found here: In the last decade self-preservation, balanced lifestyle and one’s overall appearance has become very prevalent and yes, usually when you look good you feel good. Unfortunately ‘preservation’, in the form of plastic surgery, usually comes with an exorbitant price that only a minority can afford. But Alina Hardcastle has […]

SABC3 Mela: An introduction to integrative medicine and Renascent Health

Carishma Basday, gorgeous presenter, yoga instructor, and actress, came to see us for an IV Vitamin drip and felt inspired to share her experience with Mela watchers. After shooting all day, hours of footage finally manifested in this (very short) but magical clip.

SABC1 Expresso Show: Getting your body back after pregnancy

Watch Dr Leila being interviewed live on the Expresso Show

Embracing Wellness

Read about what really happens during menopause and what we can do to ease the suffering and embrace the change. Delaying the dreaded drop in hormones with the onset of menopause is something every woman wishes for. Cries of “Can’t I stay young forever?” echo the halls of my integrative and aesthetic practice daily. Let’s […]

The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

2Oceansvibe Radio in Cape Town hosted a series of interviews with Dr. Leila Sadien on matters of health and truth. In this episode Dr. Leila discusses the TRUE nature of the human organism – connecting the dots between the spirit, mind and physical form, and explains the MULTIDIMENSIONAL power Of our bodies TO HEAL.

Coping with the Norovirus: the Winter Tummy Bug

Being struck down with viral gastroenteritis during the onset of winter is a nasty and messy business as we all know. One of this tummy bug’s most common causes is the norovirus, which seems to rear its ugly head more often in winter. Studies to determine why this is the case suggest a lowered immune […]

Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food

2Oceansvibe Radio in Cape Town hosted a series of interviews with Dr. Leila Sadien on matters of health and truth. This is the first episode on some of the myths and conspiracies surrounding nutrition.

The Power of Healing

We couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to feature on our February cover than Dr Leila Sadien and being our Valentine issue we were delighted to have her partner, the talented designer Yaaseen Kader featured with her. Dr Leila is a remarkable woman, not only has she qualified as a medical doctor but she has […]

patient files: Bronchiolitis Baby

Patient Files: Bronchiolitis Baby  by Doctor Leila I recently had the pleasure of treating the most gorgeous little 9 month old boy. He arrived in his mommy’s arms as my last (squeezed in) patient for the evening, and I could hear his distressed chest as they entered the door. This poor little angel had had […]

Cannabis – God’s natural green cure

Cannabis – God’s natural green cure  by Doctor Leila Did you know that Cannabis was used as a medicine for more than 4000 years? It was only about 75 years ago that it was removed from the modern pharmacopoeia. It was used effectively and safely for pain control, as an anti-inflammatory and anti-infective and even to […]

Living with Migraine

Living with Migraine While patients often refer to a severe headache as migraine, migraines are in fact a very specific kind of headache involving changes in the blood vessels of the brain, head and face. While there are other headaches that are caused by blood vessel dysfunction, Migraine is the most common. Brain arteries become […]

Are you HIGH on greens? – Sonja Moster

Are you HIGH on greens? – Sonja Mostert  by Doctor Leila Want to know one of the most powerful secrets to feeling your best, preventing lifestyle diseases, promoting longevity and many more health positives? Not satisfied with your energy level and know your health should be at the next level? Well, look no further than […]

Stay healthy during the Holy Month of Ramadaan.

Stay healthy during the Holy Month of Ramadaan. To all our Muslim clients this Ramadan, I’d like to offer a few words of medical advice, if I may… This holy month offers many benefits to those who are open to its gifts, one of them is the proven health benefit of fasting to those who […]


REFLEXOLOGY   Reflexology is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that purportedly reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that […]

My Rite of Passage… the day my baby was born

My Rite of Passage… the day my baby was born “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you…”  Khalil Gibran The whole point of woman-centered birth […]


BREAST FEEDING 101 As I recover from my second bout of mastitis, I feel an almost religious urge to write about breast infection today. It has been too long since my last “breastfeeding” installment and there seems to be a high flow of reader traffic searching “how+to+breastfeed”. So, to appease God… and my readers, here […]


VACCINATIONS “every silver bullet leaves a cloudy trail” Before I broach this difficult, almost holy topic, I’d like to review what the layman understands about immunisation or vaccination and also what the current schedule is for South Africa. I’d also like to add a disclaimer and say that there is no one true way when […]


SLEEP TRAINING   “And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.” Let me begin with a bang of controversiality, I follow Gina Ford’s “Contented Little Baby” routine, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for making motherhood easier for […]

Nurturing Wellness – Homeopathy

Being an integrative doctor means having a responsibility to teach people to manage their own wellness. Part of that responsibility is sharing our knowledge about different healing modalities so that patients can make informed decisions about healthcare. On this journey I have been blessed to cross paths with one of Voice of the Cape’s most dynamic radio […]

Stress Less

Until recently, managing stress has been something explored mostly in the realm of mysticism and psychotherapy. It was understood as an unfortunate state brought on by the pressures of life and accepted as something we have to live with. But no more. At medical school stress came up as a contributory cause of almost every […]

Mandala Colouring Therapy

One of my favourite episodes of the addictive, yet equally disturbing series ‘House of Cards’, was when the monks came to create the most magnificent sand Mandala in the white house. Mandala means circle in Sanskrit, and in ancient India and Tibet, they were used as a meditation tool to centre the mind. In the […]

Stress and Hormonal Imbalance

This is something I really only understood late in my life… Acute survival stress is physiologically different from Chronic stress. And that chronic stress is a hormonal, physical  response in the body. I always saw it as a psychological entity, but only recently began to understand how, as a chemical reaction, it sets off a host of unwanted […]

Renascent King Expo 2015

One week to go and we are all systems go for our innovative new men’s expo. We’ve been part of so many special events for women only, we were beginning to feel like our men were purposefully being left out. So this one’s for the boys! (although ladies, we have a little something you may […]

Waiting: Poem by John Burroughs

Stress month at Renascent has seen not only high levels of personal stress with all our staff ironically, but also is the month in which I am speaking at 3 different events on stress management! Every stress scenario seems to come down to not being able to fully present in the perfect moment, and time […]

Functional Medicine Sports Drink

I have only recently become a runner, and one of the things I loved about it was that it was so simple. Just pull your shoes on and GO, not much think about right? I learnt after a time that it was very difficult to run after a meal, so I went on empty stomach. […]

Instant Gratification Vitamin Cocktail

These IV drips have been called a revolutionary instant gratification cocktails, set to replace the use of oral multi vitamins for many. Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Simon Cowell and Rihanna have been reported to regularly have these drip therapies, with the intention of fighting and preventing disease and ageing. Renascent feels that the use of these drips strongly […]

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