Are you HIGH on greens? – Sonja Moster

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Are you HIGH on greens? – Sonja Mostert


Want to know one of the most powerful secrets to feeling your best, preventing lifestyle diseases, promoting longevity and many more health positives? Not satisfied with your energy level and know your health should be at the next level?

Well, look no further than GREENS!

I know most people’s first reaction is….oh yuck! Consider that this is most likely because your palate has become so spoiled by the refined sugary food you eat daily!

Take a closer look….eating more greens might be the best insurance policy you can invest in!

Why are green veggies so vital to life?

  • 1. Greens provides a range of essential components our bodies cannot function without – vitamins, minerals, fibre, anti-oxidants, phyto-nutrients, etc. These are needed for the thousands of reactions to take place every minute.
  • 2. They are fundamental to the prevention of diseases. They provide our bodies with what we need to heal and create a healthy environment where disease cannot flourish
  • 3. Greens help to flush out toxins. Greens like parsley, cilantro (coriander) and chlorella are powerful for detoxing heavy metals (think mercury from fillings, etc.) out of your body
  • 4. Greens from the collard (cabbage) family, namely Swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and Brussels sprouts are particularly known for their powerful anti-cancer properties. They are great sources of vit A, K and anti-oxidants. They boosts detoxification and glutathione levels – one of the strongest rejuvenating anti-oxidants you can get!
  • 5. They will keep you young!


Chew on this: The oldest man in America is 109 years old. Two thirds of his diet consists of leafy green plants and he has been eating mostly a raw diet for the past 104 years!

How do I get more greens into my diet?

1. Add a green juice to your day.

It’s such an easy way to ensure you get your essential nutrients.

In a few minutes you can get all the nutrients of 5-6 servings of vegetables in one glass!

Even vegetables that aren’t your favourites can be disguised and enjoyed in a fresh vegetable juice.

Juicing has the added benefit of making the vegetables easier to digest and more readily available for absorption.

Picture 2 (1)

Green recipe ideas:

– Swiss chard, lemon and pear / apple

– Swiss chard, cucumber, lemon and pear /apple

– Swiss chard, cucumber, kale, lemon and pear /apple

– Swiss chard, cucumber, lemon, parsley and pear /apple


Be creative with your own combinations


2. Besides the nutrients you will get from your green juice, it is still essential that you eat a good portion of your veggies raw to get much needed soluble fibre.


  • provides “food” for your good gut bacteria,
  • enhances the immune system
  • helps control appetite and weight by increasing satiety and increased blood sugar control
  • increases bowel regularity therefore reducing the time toxins stay in contact with the gut
  • increases bone density
  • reduces inflammation and helps to heal leaky gut
  • reduces colon polyps that could cause cancer
  • gets broken down to short chain fatty acids that helps to lower cholesterol and cancer activity

Experiment with interesting salad ideas. They don’t have to be boring and bland!


3. Grow your own sprouts. Really fun to do this with kids! A super way of getting a concentrated form of protein and minerals like magnesium and calcium into your diet.


4. Add green superfood powders to smoothies like Spirulina, Moringa or Chlorella and other dried powdered greens.
When looking at the amazing health properties of greens it is fair to say that they are absolutely essential to life and well-being and preventing diseases such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. and that it should be a priority to add them to our plates on a regular basis.

First prize is to buy raw organic greens from local farmers that have not been sprayed with pesticides. Eat them as soon as possible after purchase .If you can’t find organic, its still far better to eat veggies than none at all! You can also find a range of green powder supplements at Renascent Health or your local health store.

Abundant health!


Sonja Mostert is the Functional Medicine Dietician at Restore to Health. As part of the Renascent Health team she helps guide our patients to holistic wellness with the most important medicine… food! For an appointment please call 0218242170 she is available throughout the week and on weekends either from Pinelands or Sea Point.

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