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I have only recently become a runner, and one of the things I loved about it was that it was so simple. Just pull your shoes on and GO, not much think about right? I learnt after a time that it was very difficult to run after a meal, so I went on empty stomach. I then learnt that it was easier to have a drink of water before I went out, and so on tillI built up to the question of which sports drink was better and when should it be drank: before during or after?.. hmm not sounding so easy anymore?

Last year a study showed for the first time that people who drank a sports drink before, during and after exercise performed significantly better than those who drank only water.

Our bodies lose water and electrolytes during exercise, the same water and electrolytes needed for optimal function. It’s quite amazing that it took us this long to prove that we needed to replace these so we could perform at our best!

So this weekend, to prepare for spring and all the running hours I plan to get in,I attended another epic Metagenics functional medicine seminar. Our speaker was Dr Rob Silverman, an integrative chiropractor from New York who has nothing less than 12 post grad degrees! He spoke on his favourite specialisation; nutritional intervention in musculoskeletal conditions.

One of the first “Aha” moments I had was when he brought to light that anti-inflammatories stop pain but caused tissue damage, whereas nutritional inflammatory treatment, both stopped pain and repaired tissue! How significant is that for all of us who get a little sprain and pop a myprodol without thinking, and then wonder why we forever after have a little niggle in that spot?

More about that in another post though.

My article today is about Metagenics’ new medically formulated sports drink. Dr Silverman treats New York’s elite, including their top sportsmen, he apparently sells more of these drinks than anything else in his practice! An interesting fact he shared was that when companies like PowerAde orGatorade sponsor a player, they only have to be seen to use their cup, but for most of them, its a medical sports drink in the cup instead!

And I thought it was as easy as choosing my favourite colour!

In order to support muscle function, keep hydrated and prevent immune suppression during training, there are certain electrolytes which are fundamental at the correct doses and often missing in sports drinks. Metagenics has formulated their Endura drink to maximise this. The following list is worth referring to when next you check the ingredients on your favourite sports drink.


1. Magnesium
Most drinks are deficient in magnesium or do not contain the correct form of it. Your drink should be in the bis-glycinate form to ensure maximum uptake with no gastric discomfort.

2. Potassium
Potassium is essential for normal organ function and to top it off, reduces muscle pain during and after exercise. We leak potassium during training so replacing it is vital! Your drink should have a sodium to potassium ratio of 1:2

3. Carbohydrate
The required amount of carbs to inhibit immune suppression during extensive exercise is 30-60g per hour. The sugar in most energy drinks is the dreaded corn syrup form. We know now that this is what causes diabetes and inflammation among other diseases, so avoid it like the plague. Endura is made of a combination of glucose and fructose, which has been shown to increase performance and power.

5. Vitamin B
Well known for supplying energy, vitamin B is also required for normal brain, nerve and multi organ function. It also supports adequate oxygen carrying by red blood cells.

6. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is vital for immune support as we well know but is also a potent antioxidant. When we exercise we release free radicals, which are mopped up with Vitamin C, reducing inflammation and helping prevent cell damage.

7. Taurine
This amino acid is critical for regulating water and minerals in blood. It has been proven to improve athletic performance at doses of around 500mg

8. L. Carnosine
Another vital amino acid during exercise, it fights fatigue and has potent antioxidant properties. It also protects against tissue damage, especially in muscles.


The second super drink, Mitovive, is designed to specifically enhance mitochondrial function in the cell. Mitochondria are the factories for energy in the body, they often don’t function perfectly because of various nutritional deficiencies, causing fatigue as well asa multitude of pain syndromes. By pushing the nutrients that drive the energy cycle and make ATP, it works as a fuel for cell function. If that wasn’t enough, Mitovive also provides nourishment for muscle fibres and helps use fat for energy production!

Mitochondria are too beautiful to be wasted

Ingredients include, high dose magnesium, carnitine and malic acid as well as broad spectrum highly absorbable nutrients.

Recommended protocol

1 scoop of Endura and 1 of Mitovive 20 minutes before exercise, then after 2 hours, repeated for every hour of intense exercise.

I tried it at the seminar and other than reminding me of a Vitamin B injection, I absolutely loved the taste and really enjoyed sustained the Taurine high afterward!

We have just ordered in a batch of powders and I am thrilled to finally be able to offer them to you from our practice. For further questions please mail us at or call at 0218242170

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