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These IV drips have been called a revolutionary instant gratification cocktails, set to replace the use of oral multi vitamins for many. Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Simon Cowell and Rihanna have been reported to regularly have these drip therapies, with the intention of fighting and preventing disease and ageing. Renascent feels that the use of these drips strongly supports integrative health and preventative medicine, though we don’t recommend it replacing your ‘multi’s’ yet.

Our detox drip combines specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids to drive the liver phases of detox as well as cellular detox. We recommend a drip a week for 8 weeks and then repeat 1 to 2 monthly as needed.

Uses include but are not limited to

  •  General wellness and energy boost
  •  Treating Neurological problems from mood disorders to ADD to Alzheimer’s
  •  Gynecological problems and fertility
  •  Aesthetic concerns including ageing and pigmentation
  •  Athletic performance booster and recovery
  •  Migraine and headache
  •  Detoxification
  •  Any liver disorders including fatty liver of alcohol
  •  Weight loss and body composition optimisation
  •  Libido problems
  •  Immune booster
  •  Cancer treatment and prevention, including assisting with side effects of chemotherapy

Ingredients of our basic drip are:

1. Phosphatidylcholine (PC)

This is the key building block of all our cells in the body. By healing the cell membrane all cell functions are optimised; improving among many more, memory, digestion, brain function, mood, psychiatric conditions, skin health, weight loss and detoxification. We are born with high concentrations of PC (especially in the brain) and these levels drop over time, playing a significant role in the ageing process.

2. Glutathione

This is major detoxifier, especially important for elimination of metals from the body. It is an antioxidant, which means it mops up cancer causing free-radicals. It is known as the fountain of youth because its depletion has been blamed for most of the chronic diseases we know today. It is really useful for diseases of the brain like Alzheimer’s or MS, it reduces skin pigmentation, helps with male fertility and is well-known for helping athletes in improving performance and recovery.

3. Folinic acid

This is known for its use in helping with female fertility and supporting healthy pregnancy, but it also serves as the accelerator for the detox process. Folic acid reduces heart disease risk, prevents cancer, supports energy conversion and helps all methylation pathways.

4. Magnesium

This is my favourite mineral! Other than treating Cluster headache and migraine, which is near to my heart, it is necessary for almost all the reactions needed in the body. It is especially useful for muscular and nervous system conditions. Most patients are deficient in Magnesium to some degree and notice feeling much better holistically after having an IV dose.

5. Vitamin Bs

Well known for its ability to improve energy levels, vitamin B helps to prevent and treat certain anaemias by building red blood cells. It also repairs damaged nerves, including those in diabetic neuropathy of the feet, enhances physical strength, builds healthy skin and supports immunity.

6. Butyrate

This fatty acid breaks up the bad fat which usually destroys our cell membranes. It is essentially used to strengthen the wall of the cell, including the brain and skin cells, helping with diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and strengthening the immune system. The gut is also strengthened with Butyrate, supporting digestion, immunity and detoxification.

7. Vitamin C

It is very difficult to get to required doses of Vitamin C orally as the gut has a low tolerance for this vitamin. Used to overcome a viral infection, Vitamin C intravenously is probably more superior than any other treatment. It is well-known for it’s ability to stimulate the immune system and plays a large part in stimulating collagen in the entire body, including the skin, but also works to both prevent and treat cancers, produce hormones and is very useful in liver detox.


The procedure involves lying down comfortably, having a small needle inserted into a vein in the arm. Your doctor will push through each ingredient one at a time with a syringe. At the end of your drip we offer you a complimentary healing foot massage while you relax and allow the drip to do its magic.

The entire process should last 30 minutes.

After the drip you may feel quite relaxed or completely normal. The true effect will kick in about an hour later, where you should expect a heightened sense of concentration and focus as well a boost of energy. The improved sense of vitality and wellbeing should then continue for a few days depending on you toxic load and latent energy. Some people feel a little unwell after the drips, this can often mean that they are more toxic, and that they need to go slow with mini drips for a long time.

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