patient files: Bronchiolitis Baby

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Patient Files: Bronchiolitis Baby

I recently had the pleasure of treating the most gorgeous little 9 month old boy. He arrived in his mommy’s arms as my last (squeezed in) patient for the evening, and I could hear his distressed chest as they entered the door.

This poor little angel had had Bronchiolitis for 3 weeks and was in fact admitted for a few nights in the first week. Bronchiolitis is a viral infection and so cannot be treated with antibiotics, the most effective treatment is regular nebulising to help open the tight chest, but basically the immune system fights the infection by itself. After discharge, he was much better, but still coughing a little, and was taken to his paediatrician for a check up. The doctor gave him a thumbs up and advised mom that she could now take him for his Measels vaccine safely.

We generally don’t vaccinate sick people because the immune system needs to work so hard to deal with the vaccine, it really can’t fight an infection at the same time.

Nonetheless, on doctors orders, this only just healing, but still coughing infant was taken for his Measels shot. A day later he developed a fever. By the next day he had begun coughing in earnest again and according to mom, it seemed worse than ever before. They frantically called the paediatrician again, who advised there was nothing he could do and it would be best to admit him again.

His parents were at this stage exhausted and could not face another night in hospital, so they did some research and brought him for an integrative opinion. Examining him, his chest was very noisy but it seemed more like he was drowning in mucous than struggling with a tight chest. My suspicion of mucous overproduction was confirmed when mom confessed that he vomited up both breast and formula milk without fail. His eyes were circled and had a blue tinge, which suggested he was tired and possibly intolerant to diary. I also found that was pushing his second tooth. Overall he seemed a really strong bouncy healthy baby boy.

I explained how the immune system is suppressed by a vaccine and how important it is to make sure your child is completely healthy before having them vaccinated. I also explained that he was vomiting because of all the mucous he was swallowing, and if we could get control of the mucous, we could begin to get control of the vomiting. I advised them to stop the diary based formula and change to soya or organic goat milk formula, at least till he was better. Diary causes an increased production of mucous in people who are intolerant to it.

I prescribed ACC200 (a natural amino acid) to thin the mucous so he could breathe and eat again.

Septillin (an Ayurvedic herbal medicine) to boost his immune system and help fight the virus. As a natural antibiotic, Septilin would also treat a secondary infection, if there was one.

Bonnisan (an Ayurvedic herbal medicine) to help him with his teething, and soothe his gut if there was any gut reason for his vomiting. His parents confessed that he really only got sick with teething, so I advised them to use the Bonnisan as soon as they thought he was teething.

Echinaforce drops (a herbal medicine) which boosts immunity and fights infection.

Coughscript (a homeopathic/herbal cough mixture) which actually treats chest infections instead of just soothing the symptoms.

Euphorbium (a homeopathic nose spray) which treats runny nose, congested nose, allergies and full on sinus infection quite effectively!

Silver liquid nebulising alternated with Duolin nebs. The silver is an amazing anti viral and bacterial, which I also recommended they give him orally. Duolin is a pharmaceutical drug, which is used to open up a tight chest.

I also advised that if at any point he wasn’t getting better or got worse, that they take him to the hospital immediately. They were given my number to call me if they were unsure. All a far cry from having nothing else to do other than admit him.

The next day his mom called to say that he was doing so much better. He had stopped vomiting, he no longer had a fever and was breathing much better, best of all he slept through the night. He didn’t like the taste of ACC but I recommended a bigger dilution or even mixing it with his milk to make it easier for his poor exhausted mommy.

I love that his mom will know exactly what to do the next time she suspects Bronchiolitis, before needing to see a doctor, and I love that we got such powerful results with God given safe natural meds. I also love that we could use the pharmacy drug (Duolin) without fear, knowing that it was giving us breathing space to allow the other meds to help his body fight this infection, without needing to be admitted.
I recognise the need for these kind of stories in my patients and those who are still unsure about what integrative medicine is. I will post anonymous patient stories every time I come across an interesting case to help others learn from the experience too. Please understand that this does not substitute for your own medical advice as treatment is highly individualized and what works for one may be toxic for another! But please feel free to leave comments or questions on this post!

Does anyone else have a baby who suffers from Bronchiolitis and want to share their story? Feel free!

Warmest regards

Doctor Leila

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