Stay healthy during the Holy Month of Ramadaan.

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Stay healthy during the Holy Month of Ramadaan.

To all our Muslim clients this Ramadan, I’d like to offer a few words of medical advice, if I may…

This holy month offers many benefits to those who are open to its gifts, one of them is the proven health benefit of fasting to those who are willing and medically able.

Yet, I watch as the majority of Muslims fast religiously every year, without taking advantage of this benefit. And what’s worse, they put their bodies in more danger than outside of Ramadan.

But, alhumdulilah, I also observe an improvement in this behaviour every year, which gives me hope.

Fasting is a medical detox. This means that when starving the body of food we release toxins from storage parts, into the bloodstream to be expelled from our systems.

This is wonderful if:

  1. Your expelling organs work correctly… Think kidneys, bowel, skin, lungs… So make sure u drink lots of fresh water when u can, make sure u are able to pass a stool everyday, get small amounts of exercise regularly and breathe deeply. Fresh air!
  2. You are not loading your body with toxins in between fasting. Think savouries, sweets, caffeine, pastry, dairy… Actually think everything on your dinner table! When we eat like this, the liver is so busy dealing with our food, it cannot clear the dangerous toxins we have just released into our blood all day! Try, try, try, to stick to an elimination diet as much as you can during Ramadaan.
  3. You stay hydrated. The body gets very sick if it deals with concentrated released toxins. Every chance you get, drink a glass of fresh water (tea and juice do not count). If cold water doesn’t do it for you, have hot water instead and add lemon or ginger or elachi. Just avoid the toxins.
  4. You do not go straight back to eating the way you used to before you started the detox! And by that I mean, yes: eid lunch! After a month’s detox your gut and your liver are very fragile, and by pumping it with toxins overnight, you literally make its function worse than it ever was. Instead proceed gently. You can have little bits of all the delicious food if you must, but please don’t bombard your system with all the toxins at once. If you can, try to go straight into an elimination diet for a week after, then introduce toxic foods one a time so it doesn’t shut down.
  5. You are taking as few other toxins as possible. The more toxins you take in, the harder it is for you liver to deal with the horrible, dangerous stuff you released while fasting all day. Think smoking, pesticides, medication, pain killers, chemicals and detergents.
  6. You are also taking note of other toxic things in your life. Even emotions. These all affect your liver believe it or not! Anger, depression, irritability, jealousy, fear, worry, anxiety.. just about everything we start to feel as sunset draws closer….
  7. You are not medically unfit to detox! This is vital! You will only do more damage to the temple you call a body, and some of this damage is irreversible. If u are unsure please check with a medical professional

May this indeed be a healing month for you all. The goal is not perfection, just do your best… Ramadan Kareem my dear friends

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