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In the last decade self-preservation, balanced lifestyle and one’s overall appearance has become very prevalent and yes, usually when you look good you feel good. Unfortunately ‘preservation’, in the form of plastic surgery, usually comes with an exorbitant price that only a minority can afford. But Alina Hardcastle has finds that there is another less expensive way to pull back those wrinkles.

There’s a not so new but popular (open) beauty secret known as threading/thread lifting or affectionately as the happy lift. Thread lifting is the new and reasonably priced alternative to surgical face-lifts.

It’s a convenient, non-invasive procedure where neither anesthesia nor hospitalization is required. This facial rejuvenation procedure takes 40 minutes to an hour to perform. There is no need for downtime or a “relaxing” holiday as there’s only slight bruising or swelling if any at all. It is so convenient that it’s been said that you could even squeeze it into your lunch hour, and unlike your traditional face lift you are fully conscious throughout the entire procedure.

It is designed to reposition, pull back and hold the skin and facial tissue in place; it fights gravity and provides a youthful and plumping effect to the targeted areas that have lost volume due to the inevitable aging process.

The outcome is very subtle and natural but the results are immediate and become even more apparent over two months.

Threading aims to lift your brow line, tighten and lifts cheeks, shape lips as well as reduce the “turkey” neck like appearance.

So what exactly does this non-invasive procedure entail?

The procedure takes place within the doctor’s room. Your doctor will first apply a topical numbing cream onto your face; he/she will then draw markings onto your’ face to determine where the thread will enter and exit. The most common areas that are targeted are: the brow lines, cheeks, jowls and neck area. A clear thread with a cone is sewn into your skin; the cone is attached to the skin tissue and is the pulled back to lift the skin and facial tissue. These threads will dissolve within two months as the production of collagen takes place.

“An average full face lift uses about 20 threads”, says Dr. Leila Sadien, who is one of the youngest doctors experienced in integrative medicine. She graduated from the University of Cape Town and began training in aesthetic medicine in 2010. Dr. Leila is the director and the founder of Renascent Health in Pinelands where she performs this procedure. Dr. Leila makes use of PDO threads and charges R280* per thread.

The common targeted areas such as the brow lines, nasolabial and jaw usually range from R1900-2900*; the neck area is estimated at R3500 and a full face thread lift ranges from R3900-R4500* according to Dr. Jan Nel who is a General practitioner who performs this procedure on a daily basis at his practice in Greenpoint, Cape Town. He graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 2008 and has also completed several skin rejuvenation and aesthetics courses. Dr. Nel says he is always up to date with latest aesthetic techniques and procedures; and provides first-class cosmetic health-care.

This procedure is also performed by Dr. Manoj Bagwandeen, who is the director and principal clinician at Cape Medial Aesthetics Centre also known as CapeMac. He has been a medical practitioner since 1994 and has a special interest in aesthetic procedures. His thread lifting procedure can range between R5000-R20000* depending on the amount of threads used and areas that are in need of treatment.

There is no need to panic if any bruising or scarring occurs as this does disappear when the threads dissolve and the collagen production takes place within two months.

The procedure isn’t painless but it is tolerable. As with any medical procedure there are risks involved and side effects. This is why it’s imperative and necessary to have a full assessment with your doctor in order to determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate. Preferably you would need to be no younger than 35 years of age and should be experiencing early signs of aging and slight skin sagging.

Although the above prices may come across as quite exorbitant, your traditional facelift usually costs R76000 or more, which is excluding a hospital admission fee; an overnight stay in hospital; the medication or script that might be given post-procedure and don’t forget the extras, for example: pressure garments/ face bands that need to be bought separately. With the traditional surgery, bleeding may occur post-procedure and you need to rest and stay indoors for about two weeks.

An average full facial thread-lift should generally be no more than R7000 but depending on the treatment needed and who you consult with, the price could be more.

Overall thread-lifting is a safe, convenient and reasonably priced method to shed off a few years and not only are you saving money on this alternative procedure but you’re also saving time.

*All prices are correct as of 12 April 2016

If you would like any further information contact Dr. Leila, who is able to perform this procedure.

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