Challenging the opinion that modern, chemical medicine is the gold standard and anything else is “complementary” or “alternative”, Renascent Health offers an integrated service. Our team will recommend the most appropriate tools for your unique needs. We will guide and teach you along the way, and ensure that you are more empowered to make your own decisions, to take control of your own health. Renascent Health offers a comprehensive range of traditional and non-traditional services, and caters to every patient from every walk of life.


Dr Leila practices Integrative medicine, a kind of healing that brings together the philosophies of all healing practices. Her focus is to help the patient finding true healing by addressing the fundamental cause of illness, but she understands too that occasionally a patient simply needs eradication of symptoms. Dr Leila gravitates toward natural medicine prescription but will sometimes prescribe chemical medicines if it is required. Please visit our extensive natural medicine store!

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Intravenous or Intramuscular nutrient and homeopathic infusions or injections are often the fastest, safest way to address a problem, especially if gut absorption is compromised or a patient is unable to take supplements or medicines orally. We are also able to adminster much higher doses, enabling us to harness natural supplements in a much more powerful way. Each drip is tailor made to your unique requirements and among many others can powerfully address the following:

detox / immunity / dehydration / cancer / endurance / fatigue / dull skin / pigmentation / stress / brain fog / migraine / epilepsy

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